Call for partners: PPS Sustainable, Safe & Smart Cleaning of food processes

If your future food industry’s objective is to produce microbiological safer and more sustainable products then participating in this disruptive consortium call can create added value if liquidness processing steps are applied during your processing. Added value in terms of future sustainable savings in cleaning costs (energy, water, detergent) and by doing so creating more production capacity in your plant. Creating products with less environmental impact with even better profits.

Currently within the food industry, cleaning is executed based on HACCP guidelines and not on the actual fouling and hygiene status of equipment. As these parameters cannot be measured directly, cleaning protocols are designed based on historical data of samples taken during cleaning and processing. Since these analyses take several days, protocols are setup to be on the very safe side. This approach leads to waste in energy, resources, downtime and quality.

New approaches: development of a digital twin for fouling processes

The aim of the project is to develop and validate a disruptive integrated predictive and artificial intelligence optimization “plug and play” system to determine and apply optimal cleaning conditions per produced product. The next level system will be capable of monitoring the fouling levels and optimize hygiene and food safety conditions during processing of foods. Based on the output of the system, it is possible to optimize both processing (delay of fouling by optimizing process settings) and cleaning & disinfection (reduction in cleaning frequency and time). To assure that in-line sensors survive the harsh cleaning conditions, a next generation of cleaning-in-place (CIP) and other monitoring sensors will be developed with little or no maintenance needs and long durability. To summarize in the consortium, new processing sensors will be developed and integrated in a “plug and play” cleaning optimization system that can be directly applied in an existing of future processing line.

To ensure that the objectives of the project can be met in the end, the WUR, teamed-up with ToPerform Smart Solutions – the founder of the concept – in order to build the best consortium possible. Combining solution providers, developers and appliers under one roof.

It is estimated that in the existing food plants alone cleaning times can be reduced by 10% (additional production capacity), water & chemical usage by 15%, and energy with 20%. Making - in case of a successful development - a quick return for food companies investing in this consortium.

The investment for a 4 years collaboration for food companies is envisaged on 25 kEURO in cash and 25 kEURO in kind.

Invitation for collaboration

This global consortium is open for companies specialized in cleaning of food processing equipment, sensor developers/manufacturers and food producing companies who are interested in applying the disruptive future concept in their manufacturing processes. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify desired process units to be researched and provide direction to the research activities as outlined in the project proposal which will be submitted in order to get a subsidy grant.

Are you interested or do you want more information? Please contact us: