Food & Biobased Research Inspiration Day 2014

Learn more about the most recent developments in the field of healthy and delicious foods, biobased products and sustainable food chains! Experience and see our latest technologies, hear more about our scientific research and find out how we shape the future of Food & Biobased Research with our innovations. Visit our Food & Biobased Inspiration Day on April 10th, 2014 at Wageningen Campus.

Organised by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Thu 10 April 2014 09:00 to 17:00

Symposia (10.00 - 12.00)

Start your Inspiration Day by choosing one of three symposia in the morning:


1. Sustainable fresh chains contribute to global food security

by Toine Timmermans


Alex van Schaik on

Smart interactive storage, new opportunities

Toine Timmermans on

Food waste – the global perspective

Henry Boerrigter on

Strategies to tackle global Post Harvest losses

Ernst Woltering on

Quality Matters!

Joost Snels on

Retail Logistics; let fresh rule


2. Delivering healthy and delicious foods

by Charon Zondervan


Jurriaan Mes on

Fibres, you just can’t get your fill

Herman Peppelenbos on

Product innovations together with consumers

Marjolein van der Glas on

Ingredient, process and product properties, a delicate balance


3. The latest developments in biorefinery, biobased materials & chemicals

by Erik van Seventer


Gulden Yilmaz on

Opportunities in protein isolation

Jacco van Haveren on

Emerging technologies in the production of bioaromatics

Christiaan Bolck on

The revival of microbial PHA polymers – are PHA’s back to stay?

Lunch (12.00 - 13.00)

Enjoy a healthy and tasty lunch in our Restaurant of the Future. During lunch, pick up a voucher if you wish to visit demonstrations in AlgaePARC or the Restaurant of the Future.

Workshops & Demonstrations (13.00 - 15.30)

After a healthy and delicious lunch in our Restaurant of the Future, define your own programme by visiting a variety of workshops and demonstrations. Find the list with all workshop and demonstrations below.

Opening Innovation Lab Biobased Products Wageningen (15.30 - 16.00)

By Annemieke Traag (Provincial Council member Economy and Innovation of the Province of Gelderland) and Gerard van Harten (chairman of the Topsector Chemistry).

Find more information on the iLAB website.

Endnote by Lambert van Nistelrooij (16.00 - 16.30)

Lambert van Nistelrooij (CDA) has been a member of the European Parliament since July 2004. His main focus is on strengthening regional development. Van Nistelrooij is involved in the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and projects with a strong emphasis on regional production and the quality of food. Also, van Nistelrooij is rapporteur for the new European Public-Private Partnership for the Biobased Industries.

Inspiration Day 2014

A tasty and VALUEable Reception (16.30 - end)

During the reception, you can enjoy our special ‘tasting event’ where you can experience the results of various research projects; a combination of innovative foods with biobased products. We also invite everyone to take part in our ‘VALUE lottery’ with a chance to win a brainstorm session or workshop with relevant Food & Biobased Research experts to help unravel your specific business challenges.

Choose from these workshops and demonstration
Biobased Principal Group Title
Biobased Products (Axis, Techhal) Exotic feedstocks for biorefinery
Grass refinery
Seaweed refinery
Chain design and policy advice for the Biobased Economy
Biobased economy exhibition
Lignocellulose biorefinery to carbohydrates
PLA processing
Polymerisation of biobased monomers
Lignin isolation and conversion to aromatic products
From carbohydrates to PEF, the biobased alternative to PET
From carbohydrates to bioaromatics
Microbial cell factories: microbe selection and improvement
Fermentation: biomass to chemicals and fuels
Micro-array tests for rapid and simple diagnostics
Excursion to AlgaePARC (AlgaePARC) Algae pilot plant and new facilities
Food Fresh Food & Chains (Restaurant of the Future) eScience
Face Reading test
Machine learning
Intelligent consumer systems
Smart search
Colour sorting
Sniffing test
Supply chain redesign and taste perception of new types of airline meals
Fresh Food & Chains (Axis, Foodhal) Mild preservation for high quality food products with enhanced shelf life
Mild separation for biorefinery
Valorisation of food processing side streams
Food reformulation
XRT: looking inside materials using X-Ray
Healthy Food
Shear cell
Food reformulation
Fresh Food & Chains (Axis, VisionLabs) 3D Reconstruction of plants
PickNPack: automatic product quality assessment and packaging
Fresh Food & Chains (Axis, Qualitron) Interactive storage as “next generation” storage technology
CATT: sustainable pest control for quarantine and clean planting material
Mango World
Food Waste Monitoring
Refrigerated transport technology
Plastic packaging waste recycling


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