Improving microalgae bio-refinery technology

Develop sustainable and scalable mild processes for recovering different microalgae components from algae biomass.

This will be achieved by developing:

  • sustainable technologies to harvest algae biomass
  • sustainable technologies for mild extraction of different algae components
  • an improved and optimized microalgae bio-refinery process


Improving microalgae biomass refinery

To increase the value of microalgae biomass and to avoid waste, all components of algae biomass have to be recovered for use in different applications. For this reason, existing bio-refinery methods have to be modified, improved and adapted specifically for microalgae biomass. 


Lab scale and pilot scale microalgae biomass refinery research

To develop sustainable, mild extraction technologies of algae biomass component this project will focus on:

  • Improving algae bio-refinery technologies at lab scale
  • Implementing and validating these technologies at pilot scale
  • Acquisition of detailed knowledge on algae cell wall components and composition
  • Utilising mathematical models to quantify and optimize the algae bio-refinery process with regard to sustainability and costs.