Let's make it easier being green: designing & testing interventions for sustainable consumer behaviour

Wageningen Research is starting a consortium on the topic of sustainable consumer behavior.

Planetary boundaries, climate change, a growing world population, all these problems require major changes in consumer behavior. Although many consumers consider sustainability and circularity important, and companies and brands take various initiatives to encourage consumers in this regard, we still know little about what works and what does not work for consumers and which behavioral interventions currently have the most impact.

Partners in this project will gain new insights into the effect and feasibility of behavioral interventions they choose and develop themselves, with the support of scientific insights and consumer behavior expertise. We will tackle different themes based on cases such as food waste, food packaging, water consumption, clothing.

The project is being developed for application to the TKI subsidy, a Dutch governmental program sponsoring applied research. Each project requires at least one Dutch company partner, but additional partners from abroad are welcome to join. Granted projects receive 50% subsidy funding. The other 50% is contributed by industry partners, of which up to half (25% of total) may be in-kind.

The project will run 2 years during and will include the co-design, pilot and assessment of the interventions. The aim is to have 8 private partners, with a maximum of 4 cases, resulting in a yearly partner contribution of 35K (50% in cash, 50% in kind).

This consortium welcomes participants from the B2B, B2C and agri, food, textile, water sector. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify desired topics for research, and provide direction to the research activities. Unfortunately we are not able to reply to solicitations from research institutes or enquiries from students related to this project.