NuImmune - Nutritional immune support now

Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is searching for industrial partners interested in joint research efforts to identify immune supportive compounds, ingredients, food or diets by novel in vitro and in vivo approaches.

Immune support

The immune system is undeniably one of the most pivotal actors in the maintenance of health. This has of course been known for a long time, but the COVID pandemic made it clearly visible once again. People with reduced resistance were hit the hardest. Vulnerable people would be better protected with an increased and more alert immune system.

There is increasing awareness that food can boost your immune system, but which food compounds, ingredients, products or diets have highest potential? To investigate the effects of food on our immune system, improved in vitro and in vivo strategies are available or hypotheses for improvements have been launched. In this project we will use these new insights to optimize and implement these strategies and identify and validate food (-compounds) for their immune-supportive potential to optimally support human health.

Beyond vaccination models

NuImmune is a collaborative research project which aims to achieve breakthroughs in vitro and in vivo models that can study the effect of products, the interaction between compounds (incl vitamins, polyphenols, pre- and probiotics) and ingredients (with potential synergistic or counteracting effects) and diets.

The project aims to adjust the current in vitro models (like trained immunity and receptor based activation) to make them more equipped to study complex products for their potential immune supportive activity. Next to that an in vivo approach will be explored in which the current standard vaccination trial design is studied in combination with to a more general immune supportive activity read out that can show benefit or intervention in population with reduced immune status (e.g. obese, T2D, hospitalized, intense sport activities).

Want to join us?

This consortium is open for participation from ingredient, vitamin, supplement, specialized/functional food and medical food type of companies. Next to that the project also might fit companies that offer whole food services and dietary advises to find new strategies to scientifically substantiate the health benefit of these products services or advices. In return for in-cash and in-kind contributions to the project, partners can specify ingredients, combinations, food products or diets for research, and provide direction to the research activities.