PPP Selection stabilisation and processing of food side stream to food applications

Beginning of 2021 WFBR together with Food Tech Brainport kickstarted an innovative PPP combining knowledge development with valorisation activities. The partnership brings the total use vision into practice by developing an integrated approach of high-valued applications of plant-based side and waste streams in food applications.

The current consortium exists of side- and waste streams companies and technology partners. It includes Van Rijsingen Ingredients, PeelPioneers, Evers Specials, FTNON, JBT Technologies and the Sustainable Food Initiative. We call for new (SME) partners to become extend and complement the current consortium.

The project will run 3 years, will start beginning of 2022, with a yearly partner contribution of 25K (50% in cash, 50% in kind).

The project is being developed for application to the TKI subsidy, a Dutch governmental program sponsoring applied research. Each project requires at least one Dutch company partner, but additional partners from abroad are welcome to join. Granted projects receive 50% subsidy funding. The other 50% is contributed by industry partners, of which up to half (25% of total) may be in-kind.