Trusted source 1: Transparency in the organic soy chain

​Some businesses affiliated with Bionext (organisation for strengthening the organic chain) have explored in this project whether the reliability of information throughout the organic soy chain can be improved. This particularly concerns the origin, composition, treatment, and certification of soy products.

More structured

This research has shown that the reliability of information is not an issue, but rather the limited availability of information. The exchange of information between the chain parties can take place in a more structured manner through the use of a joint approach/system. A first step to this approach could be to collect all documents about specific batches or loads. Given the preconditions of the chain parties involved, a hybrid solution based on the combination of blockchain and relational databases is being considered.

No follow-up

The consortium parties have come to the conclusion that the business case for this type of system has yet to be defined. They now want to gain more insight into the expected investments and benefits for each of the parties involved first. For that reason, it was decided not to start a follow-up research within the Trusted Source project in 2019.