Trusted source 2: Transparent cultivation

The "Transparent cultivation" pilot project investigates the flow of information and bottlenecks within these flows for a number of domains within the fresh food chain of primary producers. In particular, this concerns information about crop protection products, animal treatment products, animal feed, and locations.

The Fresh Upstream Foundation is a collaboration platform of FNLI, CBL, GroentenFruitHuis, FrugICom, LTO Nederland, Nevedi, and GS1 Nederland. Together with the stakeholders of Fresh Upstream, this pilot project maps the flow of information and bottlenecks within the fresh food chain. We are working on raising awareness about the importance of standardising data flows and linking information in the chain. In addition, the desired future situation is outlined for the domains:

  • Master data on Crop protection products;
  • Master data on Veterinary medicines;
  • GLN (Global Location Number) Key Identifier Farm;
  • Feed Datasheet.

Crop protection products domain

In 2019, an analysis on the crop protection domain was conducted. Various interviews were held with stakeholders from the domain to map the current and desired data flows in an “information roundabout”. In addition, an analysis was made of the current information sources MST and Fytostat. The written report of the crop protection domain is now completed.

Veterinary medicines domain

Four "awareness workshops" have been launched for the veterinary medicines domain. Around 20 to 30 stakeholders from the sector are invited to these workshops to map out the current and desired data flows. For the animal nutrition domain we will conduct a survey among members of Nevedi.