Webinar Does AI Offer Real Answers for the Business Challenges in Agrifood?

In these pandemic times the importance of food and a strong and healthy agrifood industry keeps increasing. The consequences of pandemic times and the role of technology in food industry transitions is the topic of this webinar. We aim for interaction with the participants in order to set straight were the emphasis of future research should be. Feel invited to listen, discuss with and learn from the experts.

Organised by AFSG & Wageningen Academy

Tue 11 May 2021

Duration 16:00 - 17:30
Location Online
Price Free

Registration deadline: 9 May 2021
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Why join this webinar?

With this interactive webinar we gladly share knowledge and vision on food topics and invite the audience to ask questions to estimate eventually in what direction we need more scientific research.

For whom is this webinar?

This webinar is for professionals in the food industry management, agri food business, investment funds, food logistics, (semi) government, consultants, scientists, policy makers, journalists.

Outline and topics

In the midst of these challenging times, the importance of food and a strong and healthy agrifood industry keeps increasing. We need strong solutions that add value to our health and transform the industry. Whilst technology is not the only answer, can it support the much needed transitions? In this interactive webinar the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences group (AFSG) shares knowledge and vision. The hosts of the webinar are Margot Nijkamp-Diesfeldt and Guido Camps.

During the webinar following topics will be covered :

  • Speaker: t.b.d. , Speaks about the role of information technology in the food industry and the challenges and benefits in using Artificial Intelligence.
  • Speaker: Dr. ir. Henk Wensink is R&D manager at Food informatics & Supply Chain Development, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research Speaks about the role of food informatics and food technology and what we need for the future.
  • Speaker: Gustaaf Haan Msc, is Head of research, Questionmark Foundation Speaks about working together with WUR on a food informatics project.

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