Workshop: Effective approaches to sugar reduction for product reformulation

Participants in this workshop will learn how to put into practice the latest developments and opportunities related to the reformulation of sweet bakery products and confectionery.

Organised by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research

Thu 22 April 2021 10:00 to 12:00

Price Free

Experts of Wageningen Food & Biobased Research will cover:

  • The underlying science of sugar functionality and the reformulation of food products;

  • A demonstration using the ‘reformulation tool’ which supports decisions towards an efficient and time-effective product reformulation;
  • Various case studies executed using the tool and testing within the industry;
  • A brief overview of insights into consumer behaviour around reduced-sugar food products (e.g. the impact of packaging characteristics) and the consumption of sweet snacks at home

This workshop is part of the VWS Healthy Products & Consumers project, a collaboration between FNLI, VBZ and Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Sugar reduction tool for Product Reformulation

The tool offers a quick, efficient way of making the existing body of knowledge around sugar and sugar replacement accessible to the industry. It provides an understanding of the composition of products towards end product quality when sugar is replaced. The end quality includes physical properties of the product such as texture, moisture, etc. and fibre levels, laxative effects, sweetness. Additionally, it provides information on the nutritional value of the final product with respect to NutriScore.

Consumer insights in relation to sugar reduction

Consumer food choices are mainly dictated by habit. It’s difficult to get consumers to make healthier choices. A white paper will be presented, setting out the results of several consumer studies that looked at the impact of sugar reduction on consumer choice, sweetness perception and the quantities of sweet products consumed. This will cover issues such as packaging characteristics, labelling, sugar distribution and portion size. The white paper will be available mid-April 2021.


The programme will last around 2 hours and consist of:

10:00-10:10 Welcome – by Joost Blankestijn, programme manager Food Innovations for responsible choices
10:10–10:35 Sugar reduction formulation background and knowledge rules – by Stefano Renzetti, senior researcher Food Technology
10:35-10:50 Demonstration of the Sugar Reduction Reformulating tool – by Gorkem Simsek-Senel, researcher and expertise leader Food Informatics
10:50-11:05 Discussion
11:05–11:15 Break
11:15–11:30 Case study presentations (process + results)
11:30–11:45 Experiences of the companies joining the case study
11:45–12:00 Discussion, End of workshop

Target audience

General managers, R&D practitioners, marketing and sales, product developers, quality managers, ingredients suppliers for bakery products and confectionery, producers of bakery products and confectionery (and other areas where sugar reduction is relevant).


The workshop is free of charge to participants.


English (slides will be also be available in Dutch).