About Selamat

SELAMAT is bringing together stakeholders (academia, government, regulators, industry)from Europe and Asia in a network to share knowledge, expertise, methodology, best practices and policy developments related to food production with emphasis on food safety and food quality and associated issues such as food security, climate change and new technology developments.


It should lead to scientific partnerships involving Asian food industries in a concerted effort towards the assured, safer and more sustainable production systems that Europe is aiming to achieve.


  1. To promote European and Asian collaboration
  2. To contribute to opening up the European Research Area
  3. To mobilize the European and Asian Research Communities to support Communities and Asian foreign and development policies
  4. To develop a common research agenda and initiate joint activities


SELAMAT was initiated in 2004 with EU funding amounting to €597k. This funding was provided as ‘pump-priming’ to help in establishing the network, but with the specific aim that it would become sustainable after 4 years.

During this 4 year period SELAMAT members met four times for 2 day business meetings, organized 1-day workshops in Portugal, Republic of Korea, Malaysia and Indonesia and organized training events (including a Seminar and hands-on training) in Thailand (two events), China, and Vietnam.

A total of 130 scientists attended the hands-on training courses covering topics such as risk assessment, pesticide analysis, mycotoxin analysis and traceability in the food chain.

A total of 600-1000 scientists attended seminars on food safety topics, and the SELAMAT website has proved to be a highly successful vehicle for promotion of the network.

A comprehensive summary of activities employed can be found in the executive summary of SELAMAT over 4 years. The final report can be downloaded as well.


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