Software Calwer

Calwer3 is a user friendly spreadsheet program for calibration using weighted regression.

This spreadsheet application (developed in Microsoft Excel 2000) enables analytical chemists to apply linear regression analysis using weighted least squares. Several types of calibration functions - as well as various variance models - are available.

The calculated calibration function with confidence intervals, normal residuals, standardized residuals and studentized residuals is graphically displayed. f-tests are performed in order to distinguish between "simple" and more "complex" calibration functions.

Maximum likelihood can be used to select variance models. Traceability of the calibration procedures is obtained by a build-in LOG-function.

  • The price for Calwer is €250

To order Calwer 3, you need to complete and return the registration form. Once registered, the user is granted a non-exclusive license to use Calwer.