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Selamat Products en Services

  1. Information exchange on topics related to food production, food safety and food quality via workshops, flyers, lectures and publications
  2. Highly visible SELAMAT website; public and member area. (average page views/ months: 2700)
  3. Training courses: electronic (distance learning tool) and hands-on training. The following training courses are available: Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Dioxins and PAHs, Acrylamide and Furans, Heavy metals, Microbiology and GMOs, Veterinary drugs, Exposure assessment and HACCP, Traceability & Emerging risk
  4. Global Food Safety Legislation Portal and help desk for advice on methods and legislation
  5. Initiate joint activities including joint research projects (several EU funded projects / proposals with SELAMAT partners have been prepared).
  6. Support to members in participation of projects in EU framework programmes
  7. Set up of proficiency testing between EU and ASEM countries as desired by the members
  8. Approach for harmonizing various certification systems for Good Agricultural Practice
  9. Sharing information on food and feed safety control system
  10. Expert/specialist exchange between SELAMAT members
  11. Exchange of reference material for research purpose.

Training and workshops

SELAMAT has developed a successful format for training courses which includes workshops as well as hands-on laboratory training. For past trainings and workshops see separate page.