Technique dioxin analysis

Analysis for dioxins, dioxin-like PCBs, Indicator PCBs and polybrominated diphenyl ethers

Purification of samples

At Wageningen Food Safety Research after extraction samples are purified using a fully automated method the so called powerprep from Fluid Management Systems, Waltham USA.

Extracts are transferred to the Power-Prep system and purified on an acid silica column, a neutral silica column, a basic alumina column and an activated carbon/celite column. For the elution of the columns, custom made
solvents and mixtures are used:

  • Hexane, channel 1  
  • Hexane/dichloromethane (1:1, V/V), channel 3
  • Ethylacetate/toluene (1:1, v/v), channel 4
  • Toluene, channel 5

Note: Channel 2 is in the Wageningen Food Safety Research procedure not in use

After purification two fraction are obtained:

  • Fraction A contains:
    • mono-ortho and indicator PCBs and polybrominated diphenyl ethters (PBDEs)
  • Fraction B contains:
    • PCDD/Fs and non-ortho PCBs

The programs for controlling the powerprep can be downloaded to be used in the FMS software DMS6000

  1. Program for purification of samples  
  2. Program for extended washing the system after each series  
  3. LOG file should always be activated

You can download these programs as a ZIP-file (see below).

For more information please contact:
Wim Traag
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