Call for partners: Guaranteeing the geographical authenticity of regional produced products

European and national governments encourage production methods that pay attention to biodiversity during agricultural production and lower emissions to the natural environment through shorter logistical transport. At the same time, it is essential to maintain the earning capacity of producers. Related to this, we see the emerging of local products.

However, in small-scale production chains, microbial food safety, quality and authenticity must be guaranteed. Not only to protect the safety of consumers, but also to guarantee the confidence of customers and consumers in the individuality and uniqueness, and thus to guarantee added value of the product. In this project, Wageningen Food Safety Research (WFSR) wants to use methods to scientifically substantiate the authenticity of locally produced products. In collaboration with producers, cooperatives and local label holders, the products will be analyzed and the results will be presented in statistical models. This will contribute to consumer confidence in regional labels and give a positive development to locally produced products.

Determination of the geographical authenticity of regional products

Regional products sold under a label represent a higher added economic value due to the small-scale, ecologically responsible production methods. The limited and smaller sales opportunities, region or province bound, also contribute to the higher cost price of the products compared to conventionally produced products that are part of a large distribution network.

The added economic value of locally produced products can lead traditional producers to cannibalize or misappropriate use local labels and thereby receive an unjustified financial gain. There is therefore a need for a method that can distinguish local products from, for example, imported or large-scale produced products.

In this project, approaches, analysis methods and statistical models will be applied to establish geographical authenticity.

Approach and project goal


The aim of this project is to give consumer confidence in regional labels and a positive development in locally produced products. This will be substantiated by a scientific approach to the authenticity of local products.

Plan of action

With each of the participating partners, a choice will be made to choose 3 products that are carried under their regional label. WFSR will play a strong advisory and coordinating role in making these choices in order to put together a package of products as diverse as possible in which the applicability of the analytical technique will play an important role. Examples for possible products are mussels, samphire and cheese.

WFSR will prepare and analyze the samples supplied by the participating partners using a selected appropriate analytical technique.

With the obtained analytical data, statistical models will be drawn up that compare regional products with agri-products that have been produced in a traditional way and at a different location.

Interested to join? Let us know!

The partners we are looking for this project are producers, stakeholders and organizations that are active in the production and marketing of regional products and that attach importance to the availability of methods that can substantiate the authenticity of their product in order to discourage abuse of their local label. In particular, holders and promoters of local labels are invited to consider participation.

The aim is to start the project with three 'local labels' and to include three products in this project within these labels. This PPS project has a period of four years during which we ask the participating partners for 50% co-financing, which consists of 50% in kind and 50% in cash. The remaining 50% funding will consist of a subsidy provided by the government.