Mass Spectrometry for the analysis of anabolic agents

This project aims to develop advanced methods for the analysis of growth promotors in cattle.

Cluster: Growth promotors
Date: 3–12 months

Project description

Growth promotors can be used to enhance muscle mass in animals, think of it as doping for cows. However, the use of growth promoters is illegal according to EU laws. Using conventional gas- or liquid chromatography (GC/LC) techniques, not all new growth promotors can be detected. New advanced mass spectrometry methods are needed to detect these new substances. The goal of this project is to develop new mass spectrometry based method for the analysis of growth promotors in cattle.

During the trainee period students will use state of the art mass spectrometers in combination with new sample clean-up techniques to solve food safety questions.


This project requires a well-motivated and versatile BSc or MSc student with a background in analytical chemistry who is able to find creative solutions to challenging chemical problems. Depending on the particular interest and level (BSc/MSc) of the candidate, the duration and the description of work will be further decided upon.

What we offer

Gaining experience in an excellent analytical laboratory, gain knowledge about mass spectrometry, learn about the use of analytical chemistry to solve food safety questions.