New market concepts

There is a growing market for products and concepts that consumers associate with quality and animal welfare. Consider organic meat and meat with a welfare label. A growing number of people are willing to pay more for animal products with extra attention paid to animal welfare.

Objectively measuring animal welfare

The experts at Wageningen Livestock Research have experience with objectively measuring animal welfare. For example, we take measurements to assess new barn concepts or management adjustments. These analyses are used to assess in which category products fall, for example, according to the Improved Life Label (Beter Leven Keurmerk) established by the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals indicating a certain level of animal health and animal welfare.

More retailers are choosing slower growing varieties

Broilers is a sector that has undergone a major change. Until recently, almost all broilers were of fast-growing breeds and kept in completely closed units without any distraction material. Various retailers have now opted for slower-growing varieties that have fewer welfare problems such as blisters on the soles of their feet. By now, around 30 percent of broilers are of a slower-growing breed. They also get more space and enrichment materials, so that the animals' natural need to explore their environment and search for food is met.

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