Comfortable transport for husbandry

Animal welfare during transport

Animals are transported both within the Netherlands and internationally. It is important that these transports take place safely and carefully, so that animals do not injure themselves, are not too hot or too cold and have sufficient rest and opportunities to eat and drink.

Score system for comfortable transport

Our experts work with a scientifically based system to monitor the quality of animal transport and animal welfare. This concerns, among other things, the climate in the cargo area, the drinking water supply during longer transports and the driver's driving behaviour. Our score system for animal transport provides insight into animal welfare and thus contributes to comfort for the animals, transparency, consumer confidence and a good price-quality ratio of animal transport.

Sensors for behaviour and climate

By using sensors, for example, our experts can determine whether individual calves actually use the drinking water facilities in the livestock truck during longer transports. With the help of movement sensors, the lying and standing behaviour and the movement pattern of the animals are monitored.

Temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration are environmental parameters, which are measured to provide insight into the climate in the cargo area during transport. This ensures good climate control and adequate ventilation in all compartments of the livestock truck.

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