DairyBISS project completed

Published on
January 23, 2019

From April 2015 till August 2018 Wageningen Livestock Research has implemented the DairyBISS project. The project has strengthened the knowledge base for improved management of medium and large scale dairy farms in Ethiopia.

Increase dairy profitability

DairyBISS project was designed with the aim to increase the number of profitable farms and firms in the Ethiopian dairy sector through setting up a dairy business platform for networking, business development support, and capacity and knowledge base development.

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The project consisted of three main pillars /strategic objectives designed to realize the overall goal of the project:

1.  Develop and support a dairy business platform that becomes an effective private sector network for business development, B2B relations, business information, and learning;

2.  Develop quality business information and examples of successful business cases to support business development;

3.  Develop a pool of quality private business consultants/advisors for specialized commercial dairy farms and dairy related firms, as well as training modules for dairy business consultants/advisors, farm managers, staff of milk collection centers, etc.

Dairy stakeholders

With the platform activities, the DairyBISS project brought together stakeholders from across the dairy value chain on many different topics such as access to finance, food safety aspects, breeding policies, efficient utilization of agro-industrial by-products in dairy feeding. Additional meetings were organised with a specific B2B character, to link input suppliers with farmers such as on feed and breeding.

Business and trade

The project also facilitated international contacts and trade mission and published the Investment opportunity in Ethiopia dairy Sub sector report.

Business information for stakeholders in Ethiopia was gathered and made available through the website.

Qualified staff and services

Private advisors, both financial advisors as well as technical dairy farm management advisors were trained by the project and are now active as financial consultants or dairy advisors. Additional private services were established through the project, such as commercial hoof trimming services, which did not yet exist in Ethiopia before. Advisors jointly coordinate their activities in the Dairy Advisors Network.

Local research

Additional research activities have been implemented such as a milk mapping exercise, determining the potential of an area for milk production. Other research topics included use of brewery waste in dairy feeding, use of minerals in dairy feeding and an assessment of the water foot print of the dairy value chain in Ethiopia.

BRIDGE continues dairy development

The DairyBISS project will be continued jointly with SNV Ethiopia, earlier implementers of the EDGET project (Enhancing Dairy sector Growth in Ethiopia 2015-2018), and run for five years (2018-2023) as the BRIDGE Project (Building Rural Income Through Inclusive Dairy Growth in Ethiopia).