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Swine Innovation Centre offers tailor made knowledge transfer

Published on
June 30, 2017

On behalf of national and international pig production business every year the Swine Innovation Centre (VIC Sterksel) welcomes many thousands visitors. During those visits we, VIC Sterksel, translate our scientific knowledge into practical applications for a.o. the (potential) clients of these companies, sales agents and students.

Spot for innovation development

VIC Sterksel is an important spot for developing innovations in pig husbandry. For this purpose we conduct scientific research on the animal and the husbandry system in a practice situation at VIC Sterksel as well as at commercial farms in a network within the pig production sector.

Dissemination proposition

Knowledge dissemination of VIC Sterksel is often tailor made. We offer several possibilities for our knowledge dissemination:

  • An excursion to VIC Sterksel (including a farm visit to see and discuss the several systems and management methods);
  • An ‘online farm visit’ (audio and video connection with a distant audience in which a VIC staff member zooms in on new farming systems at VIC Sterksel);
  • VIC Sterksel gives a presentation at an off-farm venue, possibly in combination with a ‘online farm visit’;
  • VIC Sterksel organizes a thematic event, including a possible farm visit, commissioned by private parties.
  •  The organising party hires our auditorium and VIC Sterksel provides for a farm visit.

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