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The ‘experimental field’ at SIC Sterksel

Published on
June 1, 2016

Swine Innovation Centre (SIC) Sterksel provides an experimental field to companies (SME’s, Internationals, pig farmers) with an interesting technic or product.

An experimental field is another word for a place ‘where something new is tested’. Within a bigger project SIC Sterksel decorated an experimental field for pig farming. Companies have the possibility to test their newest products or techniques on farm. For example:

  1. User experience (hygiene, labour, occurrence of disorders, product assurance)
  2. Added value in the pig farm (demonstration, no competitive research)

Why this experimental field?

The aim of the 'experimental field' is that more companies with new and interesting techniques for pig farming get a platform where they can test these products in a safe and secure environment. In addition to testing, there is a team of experts that support the developer in taking valid further steps that are required in the development of the product. When a product performance is satisfying, a possible next step could be to carrying out a comparative study.

Your product in the experimental field?

Participation is easy but depends on some conditions, which are:

  • The company takes care of the full installation of the product
  • The company makes a data exchange possible with the database of SIC Sterksel
  • SIC Sterksel reports the findings in a flyer only to the company (no others). No claims are being made about better performance, but only about user experience (no competition).

Want to know more?

For more information about the project, the conditions and to register, contact Nienke Dirx, innovation manager VIC Sterksel, via or 0031-317-488000.