Developing methods to reduce emissions in poultry stables

This projects works on developing and testing cost effective methods to reduce emissions of fine dust from animal houses.

Fine dust in the air (PM10 en PM2.5) can cause human health problems and shorten lifespan. Because of the effects on human health limiting values of fine dust are layed down in directives by the European Union. In the Netherlands fine dust concentrations are locally high. In urban area's and area's with agricultural activities the directives of fine dust are exceeded locally. In Dutch agriculture poultry stables are the main sources of fine dust.

To comply with the European directives for fine dust and reduce fine dust emissions from poultry stables it is necessary to identify possible measures to reduce fine dust emissions and determine their effectivess in practise.


Description of options to reduce fine dust emissions. Test results of the most promising options. Results will be reported and published.