Impact story

Robust livestock to fit the future

Using and maintaining the genetic diversity to breed
new generations of resilient and healthy animals
meeting societal requirements, requires novel breeding
and phenotyping tools. Wageningen Livestock Research
therefore started multi-disciplinary research under the
umbrella of Breed4Food.

New models for genetic evaluation allowing millions of genotypes for genomic prediction and/or the use of crossbred information, have been developed and implemented in the breeding programs through the MIXBLUP software. This has already led to the trait ‘feed intake for dairy cattle’. The Netherlands is the first country to introduce this new trait.

Looking beyond traditional breed development reveals a whole new range of possible phenotypes and genetic information that helps us to enhance the robustness of our livestock.
Roel Veerkamp, head of department Animal Breeding & Genomics

More robust livestock

The Breed4Food programme contributes to more robust animals with an improved welfare, responsible use of resources, more added value for consumers, improved food safety, and reduced emissions leading to a lower footprint.