Examples of collaborative partnerships

  • www.bluepharmtrain.eu

    BluePharmTrain is a Research & Training Network of 18 European Research Institutions and Industries directed towards Development of new Pharmaceuticals from the Marine Environment

  • www.coexistproject.eu

    Multidisciplinary project with thirteen partners from ten European countries. Europe’s coastal zones are of great socio-economic value, they are however also under pressure to balance competing activities and face potential conflict for space allocation. Stakeholder groups are diverse and represent diverse sectors, particularly fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, wind farm operation, and nature conservation in marine protected areas. Above all this is the requirement to preserve a valuable natural resource and meet environmental protection rules and regulations. This is the challenge the COEXIST project faces.
  • www.benthis.eu

    In collaboration with the fishing industry, we will study innovative fishing technology and develop management scenarios to mitigate the adverse impacts. BENTHIS will inform managers about the benthic habitats that are impacted most and about the fishing gears that have the biggest impact and provide information on options to mitigate the adverse impacts.

  • www.force-project.eu

    FORCE project is an integrated research project which takes an ecosystem approach, linking social and ecological aspects towards managing Caribbean coral reefs in the face of climate change.
  • www.besttuna.org

    Benefiting from Innovations in Sustainable and Equitable Tuna Management in the Coral Triangle and Western Pacific. Recognising the innovative nature of these market-based governance arrangements, the BESTTuna programme explores whether and how they provide adequate incentives to adopt sustainable fishing practices and that reduce pressure on tuna stocks.