Marine ecology

Since the seventies, Wageningen Marine Research has been collecting data in the Wadden Sea, Delta, North Sea and Antarctica and, since recently, the Caribbean. These long-term data series on fish species, shrimp, benthos, marshes, mussel beds, birds and even coral reefs are one of the prize possessions of Wageningen Marine Research. All this data gives us unique insight into the biodiversity and dynamics of ecosystems.

Climate change and human activity like fishing, sand mining and building offshore wind farms, exert great pressure on the marine ecosystem. Wageningen Marine Research researches the effects of this with the use of targeted fieldwork and models. Our extensive knowledge allows us to assess the ecological risks of such activities and to give advice on sustainability and management of these marine areas.

In a very variable marine ecosystem harvest potential sometimes is high, sometimes almost zero. For sustainable use, adequate monitoring programmes are a prerequisite.
Han Lindeboom

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