DEMO – Dynamic Ecosystem Model Oosterschelde

The Dynamic Ecosystem Model Oosterschelde (DEMO) is a simple simulation model that describes the spatial and temporal nutrient dynamics within the Oosterschelde ecosystem.

The Oosterschelde is a macrotidal basin located in the south-west of the Netherlands. The tidal basin is a nature conservation area where wading birds forage for cockles on the intertidal areas. Moreover, the Oosterschelde is a major production area for shellfish (mussels and oysters) that depends on the availability of food (phytoplankton). With the model, the complex interaction between nutrients, phytoplankton and shellfish can be studied and management scenarios can be run. The results of the model can give new insights for both researchers and policymakers. More information of the DEMO model can be found in the wiki.

View a schematic representation of DEMO

Schematic representation of DEMO