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Electronic monitoring improves on-board catch sampling

Catch sampling, the basis of fisheries governance, is largely done by hand. That is going to change: a great deal of work is being done on the development of an autonomous, fully automated catch registration, or ‘Fully Documented Fisheries (FDF)’. Camera images are analysed using deep-learning technology in order to recognise different fish.

Wageningen Marine Research is working on the further development and testing of the remote camera monitoring system. This is being done to see whether cameras on fishing ships at sea can recognise different species and whether it is possible to obtain reliable results from these observations.

Researchers from Wageningen Marine Research are collaborating with scientists from the Farm Technology Group and Wageningen Agro Food Robotics on testing the use of a basic algorithm to automatically recognise and categorise subspecies of rays. The initial results have been surprisingly positive in terms of the reliability and speed of these new technologies in the fishing industry. The goal of the FDF project is to complete an on-board demonstration.

By doing so, WUR is contributing to easier, better catch monitoring on fishing ships.

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