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End of part 1

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July 5, 2012

After the last two hauls that contained lots of herring, the remainder of the second week was slightly less eventful.

Hardly any herring was visible anymore on the echogram. The big aggregations we were used to from the first week and beginning of the second week seemed like a long time ago. So, Wednesday evening at 20:42 we reached the end point of the last transect of the first part of the survey (56º41N 1º45E).

A few statistics of the data collected during the past 2 weeks:

  • 930 nmi of transects covered
  • 14 GB of acoustic data collected
  • 21 CTD stations
  • 7 trawl stations
  • 1684 herring length measurements
  • 192 sprat length measurements
  • 381 specimens of herring age maturity samples
  • 34 specimens of sprat age maturity samples
  • The compressed echograms of the 2 weeks look like this:
Echogram week 1
Echogram week 1
Echogram week 2
Echogram week 2

Acoustic density values of herring recorded during the first 2 weeks are plotted on the map below as bubbles (the bigger, the higher the herring density):


Now we are on our way back to Scheveningen in very nice weather!