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Finally contact

Published on
June 8, 2011

It took some time but finally we managed to get permission to publish a blog.

We left Scheveningen on the 30th of May. Our first plankton haul was on this same day at 23:22. We have had great weather so far, no wind and some rain showers but lots of sun! We managed to sample 65 plankton stations and 3 fishing hauls (twice using the fishing rod and once with the pelagic trawl). We caught fish eggs at all stations, lots of mackerel, but also sprat, dragonets, solenette and gurnards. The fishing hauls were only mackerel.


We docked in Stavanger, Norway, for the weekend with nice weather for a good barbeque! Such good weather that the vessel refused to leave Stavanger. Engine problems caused a delay, but the problems were soon solved and we could start our second week of the survey.

The one rain shower we had last week caused us connection problems with starboard side plankton winch, which we haven’t been able to solve so far. However the port side winch is still running fine so we can continue our survey.