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First herring catches

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June 29, 2012

Yesterday on Thursday 28.06. at 2:00 UTC we started the first transect of the survey.

4 hours later we already had the first trawl station after spotting a few marks on the echogram at 58º17’N 1º32’W:


Later in the afternoon, the trawl was again shot a bit further east along the transect at 58º17’N 0º35’E, when 2 biggish marks appeared on the echogram.


Both catches yielded herring of mean size between 26 and 29 cm.

Today, we are now on the way west again towards the Moray Firth on the second of the 2 main transects we cover this week (indicated in blue):


Another trawl was done this morning at 58º04’N 0º47’E when we saw a few speckled marks with the odd big pile shaped school amongst them:


everyone was waiting on the bridge and monitored the catch sensors and trawl sonar to see if any fish were going into the net:

the net was hauled and the catch soon appeared on the conveyor belt ready for Hendrik Jan to take a sample:

the herring samples were then divided into length classes:


in the meantime, Momo and Willem measured the lengths of other species that were caught (like mackerel):

An interesting thing noted was that even for the older herring, maturation of the gonads can be quite different. Here a few examples of a few herring of 26 cm and larger that showed differences in maturity stages, some immature as well: