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June 30th: the first herring

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July 1, 2011

The first transects are rather long and time is short. therefore we start in de morning at 4:00 (pfff).

The sea is calm. At about 5:00 Dutch time 58.16N 1.55W we see a group of approximately 25 common dolphins. That is remarkable because normally we see wit beaked dolphins in the North Sea. Although they come close to the boat and swim alongside, nobody succeeds in making a picture.

From 0.30W onwards at the 58.16N transect, we see recordings on the echogram close to the bottom.At 0.17W the density of the recordings become stronger and we decide to fish on it. Some time later there is 1500 kg herring in the hold.  

During the whole day, we keep seeing the same recordings. At five pm 1.17E we fish again: 2400 kg herring. While Hendrik takes care of the herring sample, the crew enthusiastically starts to gill the herring in order to prepare “maatjes”. In about two days they will be ready for consumption! One crew member cannot wait for so long.

I hit the sack early, because I have to get up again at 4:00 am. First I read some pages in the Dutch translation of the guns of Avalon” from Roger Zelazny. That is part 2 of the Amber series. I have taken the first five books on board to reread them.


(this blog is in Dutch and English, because I wrote it – without thinking – in Dutch, before it dawned upon me that I wrote the first edition in English)