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Mondaymorning haul

Published on
July 17, 2012

We left Newcastle this morning at 4:00 UTC and started with a CTD station at the beginning of the 55.11 transect.


Immediately after we started logging we spotted some impressive schools (1.10w) . The catch: 1020 kg of sprat (and some whiting; a few specimens of herring).

The first picture shows the track of the vessel. The Thick red line is the actual cruise track. The green line presents the track after we decided to fish: we proceeded in East-North-East direction while the shooting proces is started; the vessel turns and the trawldoors are dropped in the water; as the doors sink and spread, the fishing starts. The fishing track (green) is paralell slightly north of the cruise track (green). While the net is being hauled, the heading is slightly to the north. After hauling the vessel turned sharp and – in the picture – it is almost back on the track where we decided to fish.

The second picture shows the sprat, with some whiting.

Third picture: Marcel and Alex sort the catch at the conveyor belt, which means that specimens of whiting (fourth picture) and herring are picked out and three baskets of sprat are taken taken during the processing, mixed and subsampled for length measurements and collection of biological data.