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Moray Firth sprat and Aberdeen

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July 2, 2012

On Friday 29.06. we entered the Moray Firth to cover the final transects of the first survey week.

After the turn on the eastward transect, larger aggregations of small schools could be seen on the echogram.

haul 4

The catch revealed almost exclusively sprat – the second target species of this survey.  

Some of them were infected by parasitic copepods that attach themselves to the eye of the fish:


Young Norway pout were also present in the catch in reasonable numbers:


Soon afterwards, we reached the end of the last transect for the week and made our way down to Aberdeen where we spent the week end.

The weather was reasonably nice but windy. On the way, the Buchan coastline of north-east Scotland was visible at close distance:

Tridens docked in Aberdeen harbour: