Redesign of Adaptive Building with Nature- seafood production Networks for Food and Nutrition Security in stressed regions

Building with nature (BwN) is a principle that is applied to strengthen and protect areas which are under pressure by sea-level rise, salinity pressure, and divers external factors. This principle is applicable on a global level, and is mainly applied from a social-ecological motivation.

However, the challenges which are considered by BwN offer great opportunities to promote production of food (from the sea) and networks around it, in order to come with large scale solutions against climate change pressures, and food provision. The potential chances for seafood production in a BwN setting will be explored in this study.
The research is primarily targeting on connections to running initiatives in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

The (running) pilot projects regarding Building With Nature will be strengthened by an analysis of data on a basis of available productivity data for mangroves, fish and shellfish. This in turn will result in an analysis of perspectives for food production in BwN systems. Herewith in first instance, local (practical) data will be explored, and further translated to the perspectives for global food production.

This exploration provide insights of the lacking knowledge and information to successfully provide a substantiation to the perspectives of BwN and food production. The identified chances will (if matchable) be utilised to further develop project matches in charity funding setting. This is part of the knowledge development.

Food provision and climate adaptation are both in the priority list of the implementation agenda. This research is linking SEM (System Earth Management) and Global Food and Nutrition Security. This provides a basis for the increase of chances for the Building with Nature principle in a broader approach from food security and food production.