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Summary week 34-35

Published on
September 3, 2012

Today, we left Scheveningen for the last part of the 2012 beam trawl survey.

As many of you are longing to see our progress, a short update about the trip up to now.  First of all, the map with the number of hauls achieved. In blue, the stations done and in grey the planned stations. The weather was good so we succeeded to finish the northerly stations and the stations in the German Bight. We’ve sampled 39 stations up to now.


As this is a survey designed to catch plaice, especially people from the fishing industry would like to know if there is ‘more’ or ‘less’ plaice than in previous years. It is hard to say anything about it until the full area is covered. In some years we catch many plaice on one station and a few on another station while in other years it is the other way around. We can, however, show the length-frequency distribution of plaice from the sampled stations. On the x-axis the length in cm is projected, on the y-axis the percentage of the total number of plaice. As you can see, we catch a wide length range of the species. This figure might change when we proceed our survey, as in some areas only large plaice live, and in other areas only smaller plaice occur. This is because plaice moves to deeper water when growing up.