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Sunday afternoon walk in Newcastle

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July 17, 2012

On Sunday 15 July made a walk along the river Tyne and the city centre.

It start at the mouth of the Ouseborn, near the Tune Bar, heading west along the quay, Millenium bridge at the left, and the Sunday market. Then under the the green bridge with the Olympic rings. Note the nests of Kittiwakes, there is a lot of bird shit: passing under the bridge is kind of a challenge! At the foot of the bridge sits a young Kittywake. There are also a lot of nests at the houses near the bridge pillar. The walk proceeds further via Grey street, which leads to the Grey memorial: that is the big pillar with a roman type of guy on top. On the same square is the building with the bookshop Waterstones. I walked the same way back down to the bridge’s pillar and took the Long stairs up to the High Construction Bridge (19 century, first bridge build for both railway and road). I crossed the bridge with sight on the city centre with old churches, and the various bridges towards the west. On the other side of the Tyne, I walked via the Sage Gateshead (Music Centre with a lot of glass) and the Gateshead Millenium Bridge back to the northern quay. There I walked along the Ouseborn sluice with Tyne Bar again. From that point I could see the Tridens with its typical Rijkswaterstaat colors. Do you like the colors? Personally I prefer the blue-white coloration from five year back.