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Surprising catches

Published on
August 24, 2012

Although this survey is designed for plaice and sole (and other flatfish), we catch many other species.

Some are big and some are small, but most people have a preferred species. People like to be on a picture with their ‘special friend’. Sieto carries a monkfish, Lorna prefers the circle crab.

We’re about 5 days at sea now, and the work proceeds very well. This morning, we reached the Moray Firth, a roughly triangular inlet (or firth) of the North Sea, north and east of Inverness, which is a nursery area for plaice and dab. It is a special area for us, first of all because we see land for the first time after days at sea, secondly because its known as a dolphin watching area, and last because the catches often contain something special. Today, we had two skates (Dipturus batis), which is a rare species in the North Sea.