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The experiment (blog by Ingeborg)

Published on
July 12, 2012

Well, off we went.

Everything was ready: the mini-towed body with the echosounder, the handles on the cable. As the gear is delicate and expensive, it should be handled with care.


There is goes...

The towed body is designed to move from the ship and to dive a few meters on its own when the ship pulls the line. It worked perfectly fine. We played around with the length of the rope and the ship speed to find the optimal line length and speed. On a laptop inside, we were able to monitor the depth.

Inside, we were able to monitor the depth of the towed body.
Inside, we were able to monitor the depth of the towed body.

Time for the next step: we mounted the DIDSON (an underwater camera designed to detect individual fish -or other species- in the water) on the towed body. As this put extra weight to the towed body, we were all curious if the functionality of the towed body would be influenced.

It worked!


After playing around with the cable length and towing speed (the effect is clear on the picture, the lower –depth- line represents different scenario than the higher line), we were happy and finished the experiment and continued the survey. We did not have a look at the DIDSON results as it worked stand-alone, but we’ll have a look at it during the next few days.