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What should we do with it?

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September 6, 2012

Yesterday, we caught some strange fish.

In the third and fourth trawl we caught plaice without tail, and in the last haul of the day we caught a lemon sole without a tail (picture). As we measure all fish, a dilemma occurred: how to measure this fish? We decided to imagine the tail, and then measure it with the imagined tail.

Furthermore, we caught a pale plaice (left on the picture; right is a ‘normal’ plaice).


And last, but not least, we caught a hybrid plaice/flounder. Its shape looked like a flounder, as did the colour of the lower part. The upper side however, only had characteristics of plaice and lacked the specific flounder characteristics. So, it was a flouce or a plaider… The upper fish on the picture is the hybrid, the lower is a normal plaice.