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September 1, 2012

Yesterday, we arrived in Scheveningen harbour. The days before, we realised that good weather at sea sometimes is a matter of pure luck and good timing.

On Wednesday and Thursday, the weather forecasts predicted wind up to 7 Beaufort, which is not nice at sea. Moreover, from 7 Beaufort onwards, we might decide not to go fishing because the ship’s movements influence the bottom contact of the beam trawl. It is very important that the beam trawl touches the bottom because plaice and sole (our target species) live in and on the sea floor. The predictions however, did not come true until Thursday evening after we had stopped fishing. The wind turned from southerly directions to northwest and increased, and so, we headed to Scheveningen with the wind. As a result, the ship moved from left to right and so did we, in our beds, trying not to fall out. Taking a shower was an adventure, and in the morning the breakfast almost fell from the tables and we could use only one hand to prepare our breakfast because we needed the other to keep everything in place. If we had gone fishing, the work would have been very hard, as everything that is not fixed (fish, chairs, cups, paper, fishing baskets, etc.) might move around through the room, and working on a rocking ship is very tiring. So again, we were lucky because Hilde really enjoyed the movement, and we only had to go home. Dirk and Jan steered the 74 meter ship nicely into the narrow entrance of Scheveningen harbour, which is a challenge and deserves a compliment.

The weather was worth some pictures, and I was not the only one at the bridge watching the weather (with or without camera).