Answering questions

The world today is rife with complex problems that call for ingenious solutions: How do we feed the growing world population? How can we make sure that everyone has access to a healthy diet in an inclusive manner? What are our options for preserving and enhancing ecological, economic and social sustainability? And how do we work on and strengthen resilience to climate change?

Science and expertise are the two pillars upon which Wageningen University & Research builds its efforts to meet these challenges. These include skilled work, cutting-edge experience and sophisticated know-how from our professional scientists and researchers, as well as major contributions from partner institutes, local stakeholders and donors & funding organisations. The results for our stakeholders are genuine and highly effective daily life solutions.

Theoretical expertise, practical know-how

Science as a discipline faces many challenges. Expertise no longer commands the respect it once did, and scientific methods are under assault from unexpected quarters. However, given the urgency of the issues facing the world today, we cannot simply look for solutions through policy trial and error. There is a vital need for a systematic understanding of the problems and precise hypotheses about how best to fix them. And, just as importantly, we need theoretical and practical ways to implement the solutions in practice and encourage stakeholders to embrace them based on their own particular context.

Wageningen University & Research not only develops knowledge but also helps to apply it.

Wageningen University & Research responds to these multi-layered considerations through an exceptional combination of theoretical expertise and practical know-how in genetics, environmental science and management. In plant research, we work from seed to soil to system, from fundamental research to practical applications. All this work aims to fulfil our overarching mission: To explore the potential of nature to improve quality of life. Find out more about us in our corporate brochure.

How does WUR improve quality of life?

Based in the Netherlands with a global network, Wageningen University & Research has an excellent track record when it comes to providing evidence-based answers to the world’s challenges. To give you an idea of our contributions to improving quality of life worldwide, find out more about our approach.