diagnose bijenziekten

Diagnosis of parasites and diseases in bees

Bees@wur provides service to beekeepers by analysing samples of dead bees or possibly infected brood. Based on the diagnosis, the role of parasites and diseases in bee mortality or abnormalities in the brood is determined.

The samples can be tested for Nosema, amoebic disease and Varroa mites. Brood samples are tested for European foulbrood, American foulbrood and other brood diseases.

Do you have problems with bee mortality? Or do you see signs of brood disease in your hives? Then please read the article: 'How do I take a sample from my bee colony for testing?' (in Dutch). This article explains how to determine whether your bees are suffering from a parasite or disease.

Please note! If only a few dozen bees have died, this is not a reason to perform a diagnostic test.

Brochure and form (in Dutch)

If you decide to send a sample for testing, please use the diagnostic form to record your data and observations.

Address for sending samples:

Bees@wur, P.O. Box 69, 6700 AB Wageningen, the Netherlands


    No rights can be derived from diagnoses made by Bees@wur. Bees@wur can use the submitted samples for research purposes. The personal details of the beekeeper will be annonomised.