PhD & In-house Company Courses of Biometris

Biometris offers courses on statistics and mathematics, both in Dutch and English. These courses are also given in-house for companies, and can be adjusted accordingly.

Courses that take place on regular basis:

- Basic Statistics

- Linear Models

- Generalized Linear Models

- Mixed Linear Models

- Multivariate Analysis

- Statistics for the Life Sciences

- Bayesian Statistics

- Survival Analysis - Analysis of Individually Registered Time-to-Event Data

- Introduction to R for Statistical Analysis

- Systems Biology: Statistical Analysis of ~Omics Data

- Quantitative and Predictive Modelling

- Matlab

- Orientation on mathematical modelling in biology

- Statistical Uncertainty Analysis of Dynamic Models

- Multivariate analysis for food data/scientists

- Applied Statistics (in Dutch)

Course repository:

- Applied Statistics (organized on request)

- Genotype by Environment Interaction

- Mixed Model based QTL mapping in GenStat

- "Identity by Descent" (IBD) - approaches to genomic analyses of genetic traits