Akker met gewas

Overview Information and Data

Here you will find an overview of available data on the effects of climate change on a number of crops in The Netherlands. Also dairy farming and pig farming are mentioned briefly. In the table below is mentioned what information is available.

Under Documentation you will find more information on the methodology that has been used to predict the various type of effects. Each crop links to information and data.

Effects Potential effects of climate changering Effects and frequency of extremes Climate risks and adpatation measures Klimaatverandering in context
Winter wheat x x x x
Seed potato x x x x
Ware/starch potato x x x x
Grass x x
Spring wheat x x
Barley x x
Sugar beet x x x x
Lily x x
Tulip x x
Carrots x x
Seed onion x x x x
Rape seed x x x x
Artichoke x x
Grape x x
Cherry x x
Reed x x
Sunflower x x x x
Tomato x x