Policy framework DuRPh

Researchers of Wageningen UR implement this project commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Fund for Strengthening the Economic Structure (FES) finances the project.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs has launched a committee supervising the DuRPh project with representatives from different policy departments and the private sector.

Research on the control of late blight has been conducted for many years in the Netherlands, among others, under the umbrella of the Phytophthora master plan. DuRPh offers the opportunity, together with the master plan, to achieve a sustainable solution more rapidly.

The 'Integrale Nota Biotechnologie (2000)' has become the starting point of the Dutch policy on biotechnology. The motto of this policy is: 'Use opportunities responsibly and carefully'. A guiding principle in this policy is that biotechnology can contribute to the Dutch economy and to sustainable farming. DuRPh aims to use the opportunities offered by biotechnology for the development of a more sustainable potato cultivation.