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How we create impact with our plant research

Science and expertise, these two pillars allow the researchers of Wageningen Plant Research to provide solutions to solve the challenges of our future. Through research, cooperation and education, we create (local) solutions for food safety and food security, sustainability and a circular & biobased economy all around the world.

The scope of our impact due to our ground-breaking international plant research is reflected in the collected projects in the focus areas.

Our focus areas:

What can we do for you?

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The global impact of our plant research

Some of our research impacts our daily life instantly, other will reflect its full potential in the decades to come. Some of our research impacts local communities, other will leave a global footprint and change our future. We offer pure scientific research upto "flight proven products”. We emphasize the power of knowledge mobilisation; we optimize our research due to smart connections between areas of expertise within and outside WUR. We work together with a wide range of stakeholders, from academic partners to local farmers, from NGOs to policy makers.

Our success is the result of combining research and practical implementation, academic input and commercial output, testing in cultivated circumstances and rough pioneering. We provide basic and high level education, not only at the University but our knowledge is shared and available though in-company and on-site training.