Pepino mosaic virus (PepMV) is a highly contagious virus of tomato and has the potential to infect entire glasshouse crops and cause significant crop losses, if left undetected. Early detection and confirmation of infection is essential in reducing the risk of disease spread.

About PepMV

The project investigates the increased risk posed by new, biologically and genetically distinct strains of PepMV that have appeared in Europe and elsewhere recently and have the potential to be far more damaging on tomato but also other Solanaceous crops. To unravel the highly debated, putative role of seed transmission in the spread of PepMV, an extensive study on possible seed transmission was carried out. The project also addresses the issue of developing validated diagnostic protocols.

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Who is Pepeira?

The Pepeira research project is a collaboration between 20 laboratories and institutions involved or dealing with plant health from 17 European countries.


The Pepeira project is divided into several activities which are being coordinated by the Pepeira consortium partners.

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