WP 4: Risk assessment and diagnostic protocol

Objectives of Work Package 4

The objective of the final year of the project will be to evaluate and validate the scientific data and methods generated in work packages 2 and 3, in order to:

  • Carry out a ring test of PepMV diagnostic methods and to use this data to;
  • Write an EPPO protocol containing methods for the detection and diagnosis of PepMV
  • Produce a revised EU-wide PRA for PepMV

Basic summary of Work Package 4

Prior to commencing the ring test, protocols of chosen methods will be compiled, alongside a representative panel of test samples.  The protocols and test material will be pre-tested prior to the ring test, to ensure that they meet established criteria.  The materials will then be submitted to the ring test partners and the ring testing carried out.  The results will be reported back and a final ring test report produced.  This report, alongside other existing data and findings from WP3 will then be used to produce a draft diagnostic protocol.  This will be circulated to the consortium, prior to submission to EPPO for further consideration and final approval as an EPPO Standard.

The production of a revised EU PRA will be conducted using results generated from WP 2 and 3, which will be supplied to the partners engaged in the writing of the draft PRA.  Once this has been written, it will be circulated to the consortium prior to submission to Plant Health Standing Committee for further consideration in respect of phytosanitairy measures against PepMV.

Deliverables of Work Package 4

  • A Europe wide Pest Risk Analysis (PRA) for PepMV
  • An EPPO protocol for the detection of PepMV