Biometris invention helped analysing the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein

Published on
June 27, 2016

The detection of gravitational waves by Abbot et al (2016) as predicted by Albert Einstein in 1916 is a landmark in science. Gravitational waves arise by a merger of two black holes. To infer about the masses and position of the back holes from the gravitational waves a 13-16 parameter model is used.

The model is based on relativity theory and fitted to the data using Bayesian analysis using adaptive Monto Carlo Markov chain (MCMC) sampling (Meyer & Christensen 2016). An invention of Biometris, namely Differential Evolution Markov chain, DE-MC (ter Braak 2006; ter Braak & Vrugt 2008) was an important component of the particular methods used for this (Veitch et al. 2015). DE-MC was among the preferred adaptive MCMC samplers to use on the basis of its capability to efficiently sample multi-modal posterior densities. Here we see an unexpected contribution of Biometris to fundamental physics and astronomy.

The DE-MC project was funded for a large part by a Kennisbasis project in KBVII: Technologische Ontwikkeling (Technology Development) and had the aim to provide similar model calibration methodology to agriculture, nature and food science.


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