Excellent Education Award for Advanced Statistics (MAT-20306)

Published on
April 18, 2016

The MAT course Advanced Statistics, has been awarded one of the excellent education prizes 2016.

On a regular basis, the Executive Board of Wageningen UR awards a prize for excellent education. Quality indicators that are used to award this prize are; questions on course set up, learning outcomes, teaching methods, previously acquired knowledge, overlap, the contribution of the lecturers to the learning process, examination and on the general rating of the course.

In the case of this MAT-course, winning a prize for teaching is a team effort, the team consisting of virtually the entire statistics teaching group. Over the years the course material has undergone many (small) changes: exercises have been added or adapted, answers for students were changed to make more sense, slides have been improved.

Many people have been directly involved in this. Many also were involved in doing the actual teaching in lectures, computer practicals, or pen- and paper practicals. The rest of the staff of the statistics teaching group is indirectly involved, because the team creates an atmosphere in which we try to make our teaching as clear and relevant as possible.

Directly involved in the course since 2015 have been:  

Evert Jan Bakker (CLPE)

Jos Hageman (LPE)

Elly Korendijk (LP)

Bas Engel (LPE)

Paul Keizer (PE)

Wies Akkermans (PE)

Saskia Burgers (CP)

Marcos Malosetti (P)

Cristian Dobre (PE)

Maikel Verouden (P)

Ep Heuvelink - Horticulture (P)